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let me just say a few things about ‘all about that bass’ real quick

  1. it’s a song about body positivity and we don’t get many of those so can we just take that into consideration please
  2. i know people are kicking off about her using the phrase “skinny bitches” but she does follow it up with "no, i’m just playing i know you think you’re fat / but i’m here to tell you that / every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  she’s taken an insult commonly given to slim women and basically a said so what if you are skinny/skinny but you think you’re fat, YOU’RE STILL PERFECT 
  3. i’ve seen shit loads of people saying it makes them feel more confident, and slim women get a ton of media reinforcing the idea that their body is perfect anyway
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things every highschooler should know


  • slut shaming doesnt make you cool
  • literally no one cares if you smoke weed every day
  • literally no one
  • do not be afraid to make eye contact with people in the hallway
  • thank the people who serve you lunch
  • say hello to the janitors
  • appreciate your parents
  • establish good friendships with teachers who care the most
  • it wont make you a teacher’s pet so stfu
  • stop spending so much time on the computer if you want better grades and more sleep
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Yea it’s clearly our “generation that’s making homosexuality a trend.” Seriously, pisses me off when people say that. look at this! It’s always been around, it’s not a trend, it’s real. It’s beautiful.

These are really beautiful images.

History Lesson: In America from about 1700-1920 there was a social rule that said that women did not have a sex drive. According to men, all women ever were asexual and only ever had sex because their husbands wanted it and as a good doting wife they would open up for him. That said, lesbians flourished in this time! Because it was believed that women did not have sex, when two women would share a house and finances together (called a Boston Marriage, look it up!) nobody thought anything of it. Because clearly they werent homosexuals since clearly women were incapable of being independently sexual. The more you know!

This sort of arrangement was also common in England (and some other places in Great Britain) and was referred to as a romantic friendship. In Edwardian and early Victorian England, it was often seen as practice for marriage since much of society was homosocial. But then you had couples like the Ladies of Llangollen that just stayed together their whole lives.

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Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

Sooooooooo these are all just great

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The game is this:
I set up five pairs of identical looking shots:
pineapple juice or lemon juice,
Chinese sugar tea or apple cider vinegar,
flat coke or soy sauce,
water or distilled white vinegar,
and tomato juice or Tabasco sauce.

I challenge a player in the circle to a color. They pick one and I take the other, with our best poker faces. Other players have to guess who got what.

It’s like the Princess Bride/A Study in Pink but no one gets poisoned!


you people are sick

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I was asked some french book recs and promised to make a post about it so here it is. ENJOY HON HON HON

 : Beginner (A2 level)

✮✮ : Medium (B1-B2 level)

✮✮✮ : Advanced readers only (C1-C2 level)

YA novels based on your taste:

  • You like Steampunk (like The Infernal Devices) —> La Mécanique du cœur - Mathias Malzieu (2007)  ; La Trilogie Morgenstern - Hervé Jubert (2008) ✮✮ (harder but worth it)
  • You like Harry Potter, PJO, etc. —> Tara Duncan - Sophie Audoin-Mamikonian (2003-2014) ✮✮ ; Peggy Sue et les fantômes - Serge Brussolo (2004) ✮✮ (these are very quirky i love them)
  • You like Sci Fi/Dystopian fiction (like The Hunger Games) —> Anything from this collection(i wanted to pick just one but they’re all amazing and easy to read.Plots will use cloning or space travel or sentient bikes (?), to talk about feminism, racism, queer issues, etc. Also one has actual star-whales and they’re the best pets)
  • You like sad mythology rewrites (The Song of Achilles) —> Les Contes de la Tisseuse - Léa Silhol (2004) ✮/✮✮ (depending on the tale you’re reading). Basically a feminist and eerie retelling of all your favourite greek myths from Persephone to Medusa with a dash of pixie dust

Favourite (almost) easy-to-read Classics - ✮/✮✮

  • L’Etranger (The Stranger) - Albert Camus 
  • Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) - Antoine de Saint Exupéry 
  • Enfance (Childhood) - Nathalie Sarraute 
  • L’Homme qui plantait des arbres (The Man who planted trees) - Jean Giono ✮✮
  • Tales by Charles Perrault ✮✮
  • Le Horla - Guy de Maupassant (and other short stories) ✮✮
  • Stupeur et Tremblement (Fear and Trembling) - Amélie Nothomb ✮✮
  • La Planète des Singes (Planet of the Apes) - Pierre Boulle ✮✮
  • La Nuit des Temps (The Ice People) - René Barjavel ✮✮/✮✮(ok not that easy but IT’S AMAZING)
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) - Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ✮✮✮ (the list looked ugly without it sorry i don’t make the rules)

Other easy readings i personally recommend

  • Le Magasin des Suicides (The Suicide Shop) - Jean Teulé (very dark humor and the characters are delicious) 
  • Poussière d’Homme (Dust of Man) - David Lelait (sad gay love. v poetic. i cried a lot) ✮✮
  • Respire (Breathe) - Anne-Sophie Brasme (story of an intense friendship between two girls, written by a 17 years old) 
  • Réparer les vivants (Repairing the living) - Maylis de Kerangal (ughhhhhh i don’ talk about this one) ✮✮

(This list will definitely be updated)


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Pleeeaase start using this website, https://www.ecosia.org, it’s basically a search engine that plants trees every time you use it, how beautiful is that? It’s pretty much the same as google only like a million times more ethical- 80% of their income goes toward tree planting programs in Brazil. It’s totally free and there’s an app available for IOS too, so you really don’t have an excuse… Now go and help the environment my darlings!

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update on this post; my prof laughed so hard she cried and she’s going to show it to all of her teacher friends omg

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    This doesn’t really have anything to do with Harry Potter (just fashion in general), but as I started school this last month and I go to a school with uniforms, I though I’d post this so you could see how I would dress up a school uniform. In the bottom left corner, I put together an outfit that is pretty much my school uniform so you could see how I’d coordinate these accessories with my school’s colors.

  1. Necklaces: It might sound simple, but a cool necklace can make a boring school uniform look a lot more like a normal outfit. Just make sure that the colors in the necklace compliment the colors of your uniform.
  2. Scarves: If necklaces aren’t really your thing and your school’s dress code allows it, wear a scarf in the fall and/or winter. They come in lots of cool patterns and styles, and you’ll probably be able to find one that compliments your uniform.
  3. Earrings: Again, it might sound simple, but a quirky pair of earrings can really make a uniform interesting. If you find a really cool pair that goes with your uniform, pull your hair up and show them off!
  4. Bracelets: As far as bracelets go, I don’t recommend wearing metal ones. As you’re writing, typing, or just moving in general during the day, they’re going to hit things and make noise, which is annoying for a lot of people, especially if you’re taking a test. If you want to wear bracelets, I suggest wearing cord bracelets, like the ones I’ve shown here, or any other kind of leather or rubber wristband that won’t make any noise.
  5. Rings: Rings are always a good way to accessorize if you don’t like having something around your neck. Wear a ton, wear one, it’s really up to you! Like I said before with the necklaces: make sure the metals and gem colors go with the colors of your uniform!
  6. Headbands: Headbands are a great way to accessorize, while also keeping your hair out of your face. The kinds of headbands I used are all thick elastic head wrap types, but that’s just my preference. You could really use any kind you want, be it a thin elastic one, thick elastic one, plastic one, metal one, its really up to you!

    The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure whatever accessories you choose go with the colors and/or patterns of your school uniform! If they don’t, it’s going to clash and won’t look very good!

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