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Reblog this to see what questions people will send you! =)

Please send me some questions :)

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I’m currently eating cereal, lol.

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I’m making a masterpost of studyspo, study blogs and motivational stuff. Like/Reblog this post and I’ll add you to the list! 

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Looking for more blogs to follow :3


Hey everyone! I’m a fairly new studyblr and i really need more blogs to follow. i’m having trouble finding y’all so if you are an appblr, smartblr, studyblr, ect it would be lovely if you could reblog this so i can follow you :3

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"Math is the dialect of the universe"…. What does that even mean? There are things we observe in the universe and sometimes we don’t always understand them. Thats why we invented math. Math is the manual of the universe. A guide to help us understand why things happen the way they do. The universe threw countless mysteries at us and we honed those mysteries using numbers. Numbers interpret the way the universe works and translates it so that we can understand the universe. It is the “google translate” of everything. We didn’t give quantitive values to things that were qualitative. The universe did. We, however, deciphered the code that the universe had set forth and did it without every using a single word. Math is to real life as binary is to computers. It’s the encryption of how things should happen, and it follows that code down to the letter. Thats because the universe IS math. Math teaches us to learn the ways of everything. There is so much underlying wisdom in math. So much latent potential in math. 

Math is… underrated. From now on, rather than trying to memorize x and y or the quadratic equation, learn that x and y are values that are susceptible to change and that the quadratic equation represents a pattern that YOU can use to your advantage. Math is a tool more valuable than any other. Learn to use it

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"Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth."

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"When taking notes for any class leave a few pages in front of the book for a table of contents for easy to find access when it’s time to look things up and study for finals and tests. Also tabs would work well too."

We Heart It.

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so i’m just going to answer these questions separately starting with the last one :-)
i don’t like using too many colors when i take notes! i use 2-3 for the most part. headers are in one color (usually darker). notes taken from power points are in another color, and i add additional notes (usually things the professor says) in another color. yeah, my notes aren’t that colorful, because i feel like changing between too many different pens is distracting! but that’s just me :-) this system just helps me find topics easily.
(these are notes for psychological statistics and psychology)

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transparent Dr.Phil for your blog to remind you to study :)

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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver
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